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  • Cat With Broken Pelvis Not Pooping

    Cat With Broken Pelvis Not Pooping – What It Means and Treatment Options!

    Perhaps you don’t know this but a broken pelvis accounts for approximately 25% of all fractures in cats. Sadly, a fractured pelvis sometimes causes a narrowed or deformed pelvic canal, leading to constipation in cats. But what does it mean when a cat with a broken pelvis is not pooping? When your cat is not…

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  • Are Little Bugs in Cat Water Fountains Harmful

    Are Little Bugs in Cat Water Fountains Harmful?

    I remember being terrified when I saw little bugs in my cat, Muezza’s water fountain. It made me filled with doubts and utmost disgust toward those hideous insects. However, I pulled myself together and dealt with them. So are little bugs in cat water fountain harmful? These little bugs will compromise your cat’s health. Some…

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  • Mirtazapine Killed My Cat

    Mirtazapine Killed My Cat – Things You Should Know

    Mirtazapine is a commonly prescribed antidepressant medication for humans. However, it can also be used for cats as an appetite stimulation. But even a small overdose of mirtazapine can be fatal. And unfortunately, I have experienced such an incident. Last week, a Mirtazapine dose killed my neighbor’s cat. The medicine was prescribed, but my neighbor…

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  • Vet Didn’t Give Cone After Neutering Cat!

    Vet Didn’t Give Cone After Neutering Cat! What Should I Do?

    Vets usually wrap a plastic cone around the cat’s neck following a neuter. It is done to prevent the cat from licking or biting the wound. But in Muezza’s case, the vet didn’t provide that cone after neutering. So, what should you do if your vet didn’t give cone after neutering cat? You can buy…

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  • Cerenia Killed My Cat!

    Cerenia Killed My Cat! You Better Be Aware!

    Before bringing Muezza home, I lost the first pet cat of my life. Once I was traveling with her, she had a bit of motion sickness and started vomiting a little. As soon as I got back, I gave her Cerenia tablets. Though she stopped vomiting, her condition got worse within a few days. I…

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  • How To Help Kitten Sneeze Out Formula

    How To Help Kitten Sneeze Out Formula: Why It’s Necessary?

    Kittens’ sneezing while feeding them is a common event for most kitten owners. It is a natural reflex that helps them to expel the formula that may have entered their respiratory tract. Yet, sometimes, your kitten may feel difficulty in doing so and will need your help. So, how to help a kitten sneeze out…

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  • Boar Mate For Cats

    Boar Mate For Cats: Curbing Unwanted Sexual Aggression In Male Cats

    As responsible and caring cat owners, it’s essential that we address all aspects of our feline companions’ well-being. One aspect that can be challenging to deal with is unwanted sexual aggression in male neutered cats. This behavior can be distressing for both the cats involved. So, how does Boar Mate for cats help curb this…

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  • Can You Throw a Cat

    Can You Throw a Cat? An Inhumane Act That Must Never Happen

    My neighbor Siam has a cat. One day, I found Siam getting furious with his cat as he broke his favorite coffee mug. He threw him from their two-storied buildings. I just wondered and thought, is the cat OK? Can you throw a cat like that? Actually, you can’t throw a cat like this. First…

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  • Are Gel Window Clings Toxic to Cats

    Are Gel Window Clings Toxic to Cats? Know The Truth!

    Window clings are common in many houses. No worries about using the gel window cling until you have a pet, especially a cat. So, are gel window clings toxic to cats? Yes, gel window clings are toxic to cats. The chemicals used in this product are poisonous. Other health issues and liver damage may result…

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  • Can Neutered Cats Ejaculate

    Can Neutered Cats Ejaculate: Myth or Reality?

    My uncle is a new cat owner. Recently, he neutered his 1.5-year-old male cat. But the problem is he saw some wet spots on his bed. At first, he thought it was his cat’s pee. But later, he understands its smells are different, and it could be cat sperm. So, what do you think? Can…

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