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  • Are Little Bugs in Cat Water Fountains Harmful

    Are Little Bugs in Cat Water Fountains Harmful?

    I remember being terrified when I saw little bugs in my cat, Muezza’s water fountain. It made me filled with doubts and utmost disgust toward those hideous insects. However, I pulled myself together and dealt with them. So are little bugs in cat water fountain harmful? These little bugs will compromise your cat’s health. Some…

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  • Hills AD Alternative

    Hills A/D Alternative- 6 High-Calorie Cat Foods

    Hills A/D is a unique high-calorie canned food for cats recovering after health conditions who can’t feed on solid food. Therefore, they need extra strengthening. However, your cat may vomit or reject the allergic Hills A/D food due to its strong scent and irritability. So, what is the Hills A/D alternative? From my experience with…

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  • Cat Ate Advil Liqui-Gels

    Cat Ate Advil Liqui-Gels: Emergency Alert With Proper Action Guide

    I’ve had my share of problems with my cat, Muezza, a 2 year 8 months mixed Persian. One moment I recall was when she ate Advil Liqui-Gels tablet I just bough for pain relief. It’s true that it was a frustrating moment for me, but I learned quite a lot from this incident. So, your…

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  • Can Cats Eat Miso

    Can Cats Eat Miso? The Potential Advantages and Risks

    Usually, as carnivores, a cat’s diet should be primarily composed of meat. However, sometimes they enjoy eating plant-based food without risk to their health. But can cats eat miso? Yes. Cats can eat miso, but only if there are no additional ingredients during preparation. Miso is high in proteins, which are advantageous to cats. Though…

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  • Kittens Not Interested In Weaning

    Why Are My Kittens Not Interested In Weaning? How To Wean A Stubborn Kitten

    Kittens are undoubtedly adorable, and as pet owners, we eagerly look forward to the time when they transition from nursing to solid food. This is a crucial phase known as weaning. However, you might find yourself facing a common dilemma – your kittens not showing much interest in weaning. So, why are your kittens not…

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  • Cat Ate Spoiled Wet Food

    My Cat Ate Spoiled Wet Food; What Should I Do?

    Ensuring that your feline friend is consuming fresh and healthy food is crucial. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and sometimes, our cats may eat spoiled wet food. So what happens after my cat ate spoiled wet food? Within approximately an hour, your cat may start feeling unwell, experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, high body temperature, diarrhea,…

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  • Cheaper Alternatives to Feliway

    Cheaper Alternatives to Feliway That Work Like Magic

    We all want to provide the utmost care and comfort for our feline friends, and that’s where Feliway comes into play. But sometimes, it can be out of your budget and unavailable in your region. So, what is the cheaper alternative to Feliway? Well, they include remedies like catnip and DIY pheromone solutions. You can…

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  • My Cat Will Only Eat Fish-Flavored Cat Food

    My Cat Will Only Eat Fish-Flavored Cat Food [What You Can Do]

    I have passed such a situation where my pet cat Muezza only liked fish and fish-flavored food. Though it has reasons to love such food, this is a real concerning fact when it stuck to this food only. So, I have become desperate to find what to do if my cat will only eat fish-flavored…

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