Can You Throw a Cat? An Inhumane Act That Must Never Happen




Can You Throw a Cat


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My neighbor Siam has a cat. One day, I found Siam getting furious with his cat as he broke his favorite coffee mug. He threw him from their two-storied buildings. I just wondered and thought, is the cat OK?

Can you throw a cat like that? Actually, you can’t throw a cat like this. First of all, it’s inhuman and animal abuse. Secondly, it can harm the cat both in spirit and physically. Breakage of bone can happen if the cat is thrown from a great height.

However, I often see cats jumping from great heights and still running well. Is throwing them can actually hurt them? How can they even manage to stand still after a big fall? Let’s find out.

Can You Throw a Cat?

You already know what Siam did to his cat. I’ve got a cat also. Her name is Muezza. She is a 2.8-year-old mixed Persian cat. The same incident happened to my cat.

My cousin Safir once came to our house. He was a little boy, just 4 years old. Safir loved to play with my cat. One day, he threw Muezza out into the yard from our house without realizing it.

Unfortunately, Muezza breaks her right front leg. And it took almost two months to fix her leg. So, you should never throw a cat or any other living creature.

Throwing a cat can cause serious harm, injury, or even death to the animal. Cats are sensitive and delicate creatures, and they can easily get hurt if mishandled.

It can also result in broken bones, internal injuries, disorientation, and extreme stress. Moreover, it can damage the trust and bond between the cat and its owner. As a result, this leads to behavioral problems and fear.

How Can a Cat Survive After Being Thrown?

However, you may be asking yourself then how my Muezza, or my neighbor’s cat, has survived. Okay, it happens sometimes. It is known as the cat righting reflex.

Cats have a unique skeletal system. They’ve 30 vertebrae in total. And there are cushioning disks between each of them. That makes their body flexible

So, if someone throws a cat from a short height, they can stand still. They can even manage to stand even from great heights if they don’t miss land.

Do Cats Like to Be Thrown?

As a cat owner, I can confidently say cats don’t enjoy being thrown. They’re independent creatures with a strong sense of self-preservation. Yes, they’re known for their ability to land on their feet from great heights.

But this doesn’t mean they want to be tossed around. In fact, it’s important to hold them with care and gentleness. Properly supporting their hind legs and feet is essential for their comfort and trust.

Don’t mishandle them or make them feel uncomfortable. They may become fearful or anxious, negatively impacting your relationship with them.

Is Throwing a Cat Animal Abuse?

Yes, it’s a kind of animal abuse. Because throwing a cat can cause harm. Moreover, it can lead to long-term psychological trauma for the animal.

Cats rely on their human caregivers for protection and care. Throwing them can be a betrayal of their trust.

I had gone through a hard time with Muezza as I never had a cat before. And I didn’t know how to take care of her. Initially, she was out of control and destroyed many things in the house.

But I never threw her away. I started spending more time with her and teaching her good manners. With time, I overcame the problems I had.

So, I think it’s essential to handle cats with gentle and care. If you’re having trouble handling a cat, it’s best to seek guidance from a veterinarian or an animal behaviorist. They can provide advice on appropriate methods for handling and training cats.

Can I Throw My Cat on the Bed?

Throwing your cat on the bed may sound like a playful one, but it’s essential to consider your cat’s comfort.

Cats generally dislike sudden movements or being handled roughly. Instead of throwing your cat, try to create a safe and comfortable space for them on the bed.

They enjoy warmth and cozy spots, so providing a soft blanket or a cat bed on the bed can be a great idea. Allow your cat to approach the bed in their own time and let them decide if they want to hop up.

Is Throwing a Cat Crime in the USA?

Yes, if it hurts the cat. Animal cruelty laws vary from state to state, but all states have laws that criminalize animal abuse.

The penalties for animal cruelty can range from fines and probation to imprisonment. It depends on the severity of the offense and the specific laws of the state where the crime occurred.

As far as I remember, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for throwing a kitten on the road. So don’t even think of doing this kind of madness.


If you still have any further questions, check these out. Here, I’ll answer some of the most common questions people ask about throwing a cat.   

Q. Is throwing a cat in the air abuse?

Yes, throwing a cat in the air can be considered animal abuse. It can cause them mental suffering. Animal abuse is generally defined as any act of cruelty or harm inflicted on animals, intentionally or negligently.

Q. Is it cruel to throw a cat outside?

Throwing a cat outside is considered cruel. Cats are domesticated animals accustomed to living indoors or in controlled environments. Releasing them outdoors exposes them to various dangers, such as traffic, predators, and harsh weather conditions.

Q. Is throwing a cat a form of exercise?

No, throwing a cat is not a form of exercise and is considered an act of animal cruelty. Exercise typically involves physical activity that benefits the body and promotes health. Throwing a cat can cause harm and distress to the animal.


Okay, let’s finish today by repeating the same question again: Can you throw a cat? And I’ll tell you the same answer once again: no, you can’t. The act of throwing a cat is both cruel and unnecessary.

It causes physical and psychological harm to the animal and goes against the principles of responsible pet ownership. Cats are living beings that deserve to be treated with care and love. Instead of such harmful actions, it is important to explore safe and positive ways to interact with your little friends.

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