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  • Spider Repellent Safe for Cats

    Spider Repellent Safe for Cats: How to Protect Your Cat from Spiders

    Spiders are fascinating creatures, with around 50,000 different species found around the world. Some of these spiders are venomous and dangerous to both mankind and pets, including cats.  Using non-toxic spider repellents at home is crucial to keep your pets safe. There are many natural spider repellents safe for cats that you can use to…

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  • Can Cats Have Balsamic Vinegar

    Can Cats Have Balsamic Vinegar? Unveiling the Facts!

    Balsamic vinegar has become a popular ingredient in human food due to its distinct flavor and health benefits. However, as pet owners, we need to know the possible advantages and risks of feeding balsamic vinegar to cats. So, can cats have balsamic vinegar? No. Cats should not consume balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar contains substances, such…

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  • How To Get Burrs Out Of Cat Fur

    How To Get Burrs Out Of Cat Fur: Easy And Harmless

    Burrs are small, prickly seed pods that can become attached to a cat’s fur. When I took my cat, Muezza, out for a walk in a wooded area, I found these burrs attached to her fur. So how to get burrs out of cat fur now? With your fingers, you can carefully remove the burrs.…

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  • Can You Worm a Nursing Cat

    Can You Worm a Nursing Cat? 7 Steps to Keep in Mind

    Worming is essential to maintain your cat’s good health and ensure a long life. Nursing cats are at greater risk because worms can also be passed on to kittens. Now, the question is, can you worm a nursing cat? Yes, you can, according to the veterinarian’s instructions. While worming nursing cats, keep the timing, medication,…

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  • Hair Coming Out of Cat's Bum

    Hair Coming Out of Cat’s Bum–Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

    A few months back, my cat Muezza was playing, and suddenly, I saw a long hair coming out of her bum. It made me worried, and I consulted a vet. Cats are known for their meticulous grooming habits. But sometimes, this behavior can lead to an unusual problem with hair coming out of their bum.…

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  • Why My Cat Is Soft Like a Bunny

    Why My Cat Is Soft Like a Bunny? Is It Good or Bad?

    One of my friends visited me a few days ago. He was very affectionate with Muezza as he is also a cat parent. After getting some treats from him, Muezza started playing on his lap. This is when he told me that Muezza’s coat isn’t as soft as his cat’s. And he wondered why my…

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  • Cat Scared Of Own Reflection

    Cat Scared Of Own Reflection: Here’s The Answer

    I can vividly recall Muezza’s first encounter with mirrors. Oftentimes, she would get startled and take off upon seeing her own reflection. I did some digging to understand this strange behavior of my mixed Persian cat with mirrors. So, why is a cat scared of own reflection? Apparently, your cat lacks the cognitive ability to…

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  • Why Is My Cat’s Head Hot

    Why Is My Cat’s Head Hot? Common Causes Explained

    I’ve had my mixed Persian cat, Muezza, for over 2 years. From what I can tell, there are a couple of instances where I stroked her only to find her head hot. It’s more likely you’re experiencing this with your feline. So, you may be curious: Why is my cat’s head hotter than the rest…

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  • Can Cats See Candle Light

    Can Cats See Candle Light? Clarifying Your Confusion!

    Many thoughts arise while having a pet cat. You can even think about “Can cats see candlelight?” when your cat is staring at them. Or do they only see the movements? Cats can see candlelight but without its color. Cats do not have cone cells in their eyes that can catch colors like red and…

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  • Do Cats Like The Smell of Toothpaste

    Do Cats Like The Smell of Toothpaste? The Facts Analyzed

    From hunting prey to detecting danger and recognizing familiar scents, a cat’s nose is a finely tuned instrument. However, lately, I have been noticing that my cat Muezza was not getting near me when I brushed my teeth. So, the question prompted me to wonder if cats like the smell of toothpaste. No, most cats…

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