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muezza biting her paws


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Seeing my cat biting its paws intensively until it started bleeding was very sad to me. I was not sure what to do to help my cat, Muezza, about this. Fortunately, I got to know about the reasons afterwards and followed the solutions accordingly.

So, why is my cat biting paws bloody? Well, a cat might be biting paws for allergic irritations. Besides, it can have parasites and infections on the skin. Any type of injury and stress can be responsible for a cat biting its paws as well.

Now, this shows you the reasons behind it. But to help your cat with this inconvenience, you need to know about the solutions that I have got here in detail. Read along!

Why Is My Cat Biting Its Paws Until Getting Bloody? (5 Top Reasons)

Cats biting paws randomly is nothing unusual. But one day, when I saw my cat biting its paws until it started to bleed, I got really tense.

I tried to address the reasons for a cat biting its paws, and here is what I found, as given below.

Reason 1: Allergies

Cats can get allergies with the consumption of a few food items. A few common things that your cat may have difficulties eating are chicken, beef, fish, and dairy.

My cat, Muezza, can not take beef and dairy at all. Once, I treated her with beef, and afterward, it started behaving clumsily.

Muezza being clumsy
Muezza being clumsy

This was because of its allergic irritations, for which it kept on biting its paws intensively.

Reason 2: Skin Infections

Skin infections are not that unusual today, especially if the weather is hot. Yes, not getting enough air would be a problem for a cat.

This is because it will stop the cat from having a balanced body temperature which will irritate the skin of the cat.

As a result, this will cause bacterial or fungal infections, especially in its paws. Due to this, there will be itching and irritation over time.

Reason 3: Parasites

Cats often wander here and there and eat something that they find interesting. From my experience, I have seen cats be interested in eating infected rodents.

Now, due to this, cats often get infected with fleas, mites, and other parasites in their paws and skin. As a result, the cat will keep on biting its paws to get rid of itching.

Reason 4: Injury

My cat Muezza was once hit by a piece of wood while playing
Muezza was hit by a piece of wood while playing

My cat was once hit by a piece of wood while playing on an outdoor field. When I got back home with Muezza, I noticed it biting its paws.

As I went to see what happened to my cat, Muezza, I could understand it got hit by something. Due to the pain, my cat was biting its paws again and again.

So, your cat might not always bite its paws for itching, but when they are hurt as well.

Reason 5: Stress Or Anxiety

Sometimes, cats can start biting their paws when they are stressed or anxious about something. As we bite our nails at times, they can also bite their paws occasionally.

So, if you see no injuries or issues in its paws, you need to understand that your cat might be tense.

Note that your cat might just be bored as well, which makes it bite its paws subconsciously. This basically indicates the absence of the right grooming of cats.

How to Stop My Cat Biting Its Paws Intensely? : 3 Best Solutions

You now know about the possible reasons why your cat might be biting its paws. Now, here is what I did with my cat to stop it from biting its paws. Take a look.

1. Consulting A Veteran

As I understood that Muezza was having an issue with its paws, I reached out to a veteran right away. I made an appointment to consult about the problem.

Note that cat vets are professional enough to look at an issue to understand the depth of it.

The vet obviously treated my cat accordingly, which I do not know about in detail. So, you must seek help from a professional vet in no time!

2. Cleaning the paws

I found it useful to clean the paws of my cat when it becomes itchy. To do this, you can take a small piece of clean cloth and dampen it with fresh warm water. Make sure the temperature is between 99 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius).

Then give a gentle wipe with that damp piece of cloth. Make sure you do it between the toes and its paw pads.

Do it 2 to 3 times at a time so that your cat feels comfortable. Once you clean the paws, take another piece of fresh cloth to dry them off.

3. Grooming the Cat

Grooming Muezza
Grooming Muezza

Sometimes cats are stressed, anxious, bored, and worked up. So, what you can do is groom your cat to ensure its mental stability.

For your information: I fetch my cat, play with it, and go for a walk from time to time. This stops Muezza from getting bored or feeling lonely. So, it helps my cat to be mentally and physically stable by letting it not do unusual things regularly.

Note that you can also use a bitter-tasting spray to stop your cat from biting its paws right away.

Yes, this works great, but make sure to get an authentic spray that would not cause any harm to your cat.

What Will Happen If My Cat Keeps on Biting Its Paws?

If you can already stop your cat from biting its paws, you are good to go. But if your cat keeps on doing that, there will be a few additional problems, as stated below.

  • The cat will soon injure its paws and skin from consistent biting. This will have deteriorating infections if it keeps on biting its paws.
  • Your cat may have tissue damage and complications with paw pads due to continuous biting.
  • There will be more skin irritation as time goes by.
  • Your cat can start having a bad habit of biting its paw subconsciously. Note that this can also cause emotional or behavioral distress to your cat.
  • For excessive biting, the cat may consume any leftovers or something that is not good for it. This can cause digestive complications for the cat.


In this section, we’ll answer some of the most common queries people have regarding the matter!

Will my cat’s feet heal themselves?

If your cat has gotten a little wound or something, it will heal by itself over time. However, if you see your cat’s feet not healing by itself within a week or so, you need to get medical assistance in no time.

Can I use petroleum jelly for my cat’s injuries?

It depends on what type of injuries you are using petroleum jelly for. But if you are considering it for peeled paws, crusty noses, or scratchy elbows, this can be quite a good option. Note that Aquaphor can also be good for these problems.

Is coconut oil good for a cat’s wounded paws?

Yes, coconut oil can be good for a cat’s wounded paws. You can let your cat drink it, or you may just apply it on its paws. This will kill parasites like mange, fleas, and many more to prevent the paws from itching and drying off.

The Final Words

Now you know why your cat is biting paws until bloody! I believe you understand my treatments and can get your cat to recover soon.

Before I wrap it up, here is a last tip for you. No matter if your cat is biting its paws or not, try to check its feet regularly. Examine if there is any redness, swellings, cuts, or so to diagnose and treat it right away. Good time with your cat!

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