Blue Buffalo Cat Food Killing Cats: Feline Fiasco




Blue Buffalo Cat Food Killing Cats


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Complaints about the possible risks of Blue Buffalo cat food have grown in the last few decades. Vets and homeowners with pets like me have both felt a warning about an increase in cats dying after eating this famous type of cat food.

So, is Blue Buffalo cat food killing cats? No. Blue Buffalo is healthy for cats to eat. It has a little more starch and is ideal for cat food, but it also has added additives and nutrients. Blue Buffalo does not make cats sick almost all the time. Like any cat food, Blue Buffalo might make your cat ill if it’s sensitive to particular ingredients.

We’ve answered all your questions about Blue Buffalo. This piece talks about Blue Buffalo cat food and the idea that it may or may not be bad for cats.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Killing Cats: The Truth

No. Blue Buffalo cat food does not kill cats. A few cats that eat this company’s product could display signs of allergies. While some can conclude they can make your cat ill, so can any particular food allergies. Most cat foods have a few good things about them, but they also include a few negative qualities.

Blue Buffalo cat food has an excessive amount of vegetarian protein supplements and a bunch of ingredients. Which only gives cats a typical amount of calories and protein. The amount of macronutrients is acceptable, but it’s not the best, which is another problem.

giving Blue Buffalo cat food to Muezza as a snack
Giving Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food to Muezza as a snack

It is thickened with carrageenan, and the amount of carbs exceeds that recommended in cat food. However, sometimes energy intake in some cats can also vary due to external factors. Even so, Blue Buffalo still has a consumer base, considering they are cheap and most cats, even Muezza, like the way they taste. But these things can make people worry.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food: A Brief History

Blue Buffalo has only been around since 2003, which could confuse some animal lovers. Even though Blue Buffalo is an infant company, it quickly built a reputation by becoming one of the best makers of luxurious pet food.

This business began producing dog food, becoming so popular that it made sense to make food for cats as well. Their cat food follows an identical formula as their dog kibble, starting with plenty of genuine meat and including nutritional elements. The business’s safety record isn’t great, so be careful.

Can Cats Have Blue Buffalo Treats?

Their treats are usually deemed safe for cats, but in reality, they’re not great!

  • After eating these snacks, several cat owners reported severe kidney and bladder pain.
  • When researching, I found out most vets dislike Blue Buffalo goodies.
  • These sweets contain toxic lead; it can harm cats more than aid them.
  • Though inexpensive and simple to buy, these snacks are not the ideal cat treats. Thus, I as well keep them away from my Muezza.

Tips to Recognize Blue Buffalo Allergy in Cats

Among the primary signs that a cat is allergic to Blue Buffalo are

  • Nausea
  • Spots on the skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of hunger
  • Being tired all the time

Because every cat breed’s biology responds differentially to various allergies, symptoms can be unique from one cat to the next. Permanent signs include

  • A change in the way the coat looks
  • Heat and irritation of the skin
  • Bald spots
  • Losing weight
  • Fluctuations in hunger

If your cat seems sick right away after eating any Blue Buffalo food, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

It’s hard to figure out what’s wrong with a cat, and you need to know how and when it has eaten in the past. The vet will need to assess the cat’s overall health before recommending any treatments or prescribing any medications.

Best Blue Buffalo Items for Cats

Many pet owners have said good things about Blue Buffalo cat foods. Wet foods and fish from this particular company that have fewer carbs and more macronutrients could be some of the best choices.

Let’s look at why both experts and people who have used these items have said good things about them.

  • Healthy Gourmet Salmon Pate is a good choice for most cats as it is filled with adequate protein that can help maintain your cat’s growth and diet. The retail cost of this item is also very reasonable at around $40-$55 for the 5.5 Oz cans in a pack of 12.
  • Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food is another option. It is produced entirely of natural materials and contains just one kind of cattle protein. I give it to Muezza as a snack. Moreover, it is gentle on their tummies and may be given to cats with food allergies.
  • The Blue Freedom Line may be an excellent option for cats those are often allergic to cereals as it contains no grains. This is additionally offered to cats those are allergic to gluten or show signs of being unable to digest gluten.


After learning about this food brand, you may have some questions. Check them out below.

Q: Does Blue Buffalo promise or replace cat food?

Yes! Blue Buffalo offers refunds and exchanges if you’re not happy.

Q: When it comes to cat food, is Blue Buffalo really the best option?

Yes! It is a good investment. They are an inexpensive brand, and its products are some of the most popular on Amazon.

Q: Is it true that Blue Buffalo cat food has been pulled from stores?

No, the Blue Buffalo has never had to cancel any of its cat or dog food because it is premium and rich in nutrients for cat .

Final Thoughts

Blue Buffalo certainly isn’t the kind of meal you should give your cat. Different moist and dry foods are available that are similar in budget but might be healthier for cats. However, if you are still interested, go for canned food with a lower percentage of carbohydrates but a greater ratio of fluids and protein to its overall content.

We hope that all of your questions about Blue Buffalo cat food killing cats have been answered. Now that you know this, take good care of your fur babies and choose options based on what you are aware of. After all, it’s a cat’s world, and we’re just living in it!

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