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Hills A/D is a unique high-calorie canned food for cats recovering after health conditions who can’t feed on solid food. Therefore, they need extra strengthening. However, your cat may vomit or reject the allergic Hills A/D food due to its strong scent and irritability.

So, what is the Hills A/D alternative? From my experience with Muezza, she responded positively to high-calorie alternative cat foods such as;

  • The Royal Canin’s Food
  • Blue Wilderness Chicken
  • Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Chicken & Liver
  • Wellness Chicken
  • ProPlan True Nature Beef And Giblets
  • Heinz Chicken with Broth or Beef with Broth

This article will discuss the suitable high-calorie cat food alternatives to Hills A/D cat food. In addition, we shall review their calorie content per unit oz and their different feeding methods.

Six High-Calorie Cat Foods For Hills A/D Alternative – Quick Summary

Check out the following high-food calories for your recovering cat that can serve as alternatives to the Hills A/D cat food. Their calorie content is indicated per oz.

Hills A/D AlternativesCalories Content
Blue Wilderness Chicken44 calories per oz
The Royal Canin’s Food41 calories per oz
Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Chicken & Liver40 calories per oz
Wellness Core Chicken39 calories per oz
ProPlan true nature beef and Giblets37 calories per oz
Heinz Chicken with Broth or Beef with Broth33 calories per oz

Six High-Calorie Cat Foods For Hills A/D Alternative

Let’s have an in-depth discussion on the highly recommended A/D food alternatives for your recovering cat.

1. The Royal Canin’s Food

Royal Canin’s food is one of the most prescribed alternatives to Hills A/D cat food by vets. It is easily accessible and affordable, with a 5.5 oz can for $4.30 in the local market.

It has 24% protein content compared to 26.8% in A/D food; thus, you may need to feed more quantities of Royal Canin’s food. It has 183 calories in a 5.5 oz can, which is enough to feed my Muezza in a day.

Royal Canin’s food is highly recommended for cats recovering from hepatic lipidosis. This is a fatty liver disease in cats that have stayed long without eating.

2. Blue Wilderness Chicken

The Blue Wilderness Chicken alternative feed is rich in proteins and 100% grain-free. It is light and easily forms meatballs for hand feeding. Mix the meal with water for effortless flow and swallowing if you want to use a syringe.

Compared to the Hills A/D, Blue Wilderness has 242 calories in every 5.5 oz can, while A/D has 180 calories in a 5.5 oz can. The Blue Wilderness chicken variety costs between $4 and $5 for a 5.5 oz can.

3. Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Chicken & Liver

The natural Balance Ultra-Premium alternative is similar to the A/D type, with 180 calories per 5.5 oz can. It contains chicken and liver pate formula with tiny pieces of carrots for a balanced diet.

The chicken and liver pate formula worked well with Muezza since the strong, pungent smell in Hills A/D was not present. And we all enjoyed the scent of this alternative. It is cheap compared to A/D food as it goes for about $1.80 and $2.50 per 5.5 oz can.

4. Wellness Core Chicken

Wellness core chicken is another best alternative to Hills A/D food, with 39 calories per oz, making it an average source of proteins. It also has a complete health variety with 180-220 calories per 5.5 0z can, averaging 33-40 calories in every oz.

Wellness core chicken is watery and can be easily administered using syringes and tubes. At the local agrovets, a 5.5 oz can cost between $3.50 and $4.50.

5. ProPlan True Nature Beef And Giblets

ProPlan’s true nature is rich in beef and giblets with high protein content necessary for your recovering cat’s muscle-building. It has an average of 37 calories per oz, making it a moderate A/D cat food alternative for small breeds.

Muezza strongly preferred ProPlan True Nature beef and Giblets due to their chicken, liver, and turkey supplements. At $2.50 per can, I only needed one can for Muezza a day for all her calories.

6. Heinz Chicken With Broth Or Beef With Broth

If you are syringe feeding your cat, Heinz Chicken with Broth or Beef with Broth will do the trick. It is soupy and easily flows when pushed through the syringe. Muzza got crazy for this baby food made for kittens, but it can be used as a supplement for recovering cats.

Heinz Chicken meal has several varieties, such as Heinz chicken with broth or beef with broth. The beef variety has 180 calories in a 100ml can, while the chicken broth variety has 130 calories in a 100ml can.

Chicken variety has more protein and is thus recommended for critically injured cats.

How To Feed A/D Cat Food And Its Alternatives?

Below are the various methods I used to feed Muezza, and you can try them out to see which one your cat will prefer.

Feeding By Hand

Feeding Muezza By Hand
Feeding Muezza By Hand

Hand feeding is used when feeding a fully recovered cat to chew and swallow meatballs formed from the wet cat food. The balls are made in small sizes to avoid choking your cat.

For example, while feeding Muezza, I divided a 5.5 oz can of Blue Wilderness into five portions and made eight mini meatballs from each portion.

Use Of A Bowl

Use A Bowl To feeding Muezza
Use A Bowl To feeding Muezza

Bowls are efficient when feeding a recovered cat with high energy levels to allow your cat to chew the meatballs and swallow the liquid food easily. You can leave the cat to feed in the bowl with minimal supervision.

● Feeding Using A Spoon

A spoon is a more basic method of feeding a reasonably recovered cat capable of swallowing liquid food. You can use the spoon after your cat has regained the energy to feed and play around.

● Feeding Through Syringe

Feeding Muezza Through Syringe
Feeding Muezza Through Syringe

Syringes are used with most recovering cats that have no energy to push food with their tongue to the back of the mouth for swallowing. Different syringe sizes are used depending on the age and size of your cat to deliver food into the stomach.

From my experience when feeding Muezza (2 years and eight months), I used a 10ml/cc syringe to administer high-calorie wet cat food. You can consult your vet for a more convenient syringe size.

● Feeding Through A Tube

A feeding tube is used for highly ill cats who cannot swallow food even when put in their mouth. The cat food is often mixed with water for easy swallowing.

The tube is inserted in its mouth into the esophagus, where the food slowly trickles into the stomach for digestion. You must be careful not to choke your cat with excess food.

Precautions When Feeding Your Cat On A/D Food And Their Alternatives

Feeding your cat these food supplements requires precautionary measures to avoid harming the cat. Follow the steps below to feed your cat on A/D food and its alternatives.

  • Step 1: Consult with your veterinarian before feeding your cat A/D food. They will advise you on the right amount of food to give your cat based on their weight and health condition.
  • Step 2: Feed your cat A/D food in small amounts throughout the day. This is especially important if your cat is recovering from surgery or illness.
  • Step 3: Mix A/D food with water to make it easier for your cat to eat.
  • Step 4: Use a syringe or dropper to feed your cat if they cannot eat on their own.
  • Step 5: Store A/D food in a cool and dry place.


Read the frequently asked questions below by cat owners looking for the best Hills A/D alternatives.

Q: How Long Should One Feed Their Recovering Cat On Hills A/D Cat Food And Their Alternatives?

Depending on your vet’s prescription, you should feed your cat on these supplements for up to six months. These high-calorie feeds are supplemental feeds to help boost your cat’s immunity and provide energy for its recovering muscles.

Q: Which Is The Best Alternative For Hills A/D Cat Food?

Several types of paste and dry cat food can substitute the A/D cat food in the market that is considered the best. Your preference in terms of the calories, its ingredients, and your cat’s preference determine which variety you purchase.

However, from my experience with Muezza, a mixed Persian breed, ProPlan True Nature Beef, Giblets, and Royal Canin’s worked best within a few weeks.

Q: Can You Purchase Hills a/d Alternative Food Supplements Over The Counter?

Yes. Some cat foods are available in agro vets and local market outlets, and you don’t need a vet’s prescription to purchase them.


Feeding your recovering cat requires high-calorie A/D food low in carbs and high in proteins and other immune-boosting nutrients. Several A/D cat food alternatives, such as Wellness Chicken, Royal Canin’s, and Blue Wilderness, have between 180 – 220 calories per 5.5-ounce can.

While administering these supplements, care must be taken to feed the right amount of food and avoid choking your ill cat. Always consult your vet for advice on how to feed your recovering cat for better results.

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