Cat Ate Earring: This Is What You Should Do to Get Rid of the State




Cat Ate Earring


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Cats are spontaneous every time and can take random things into their mouth. Now, if you understand your cat has eaten earrings, you must be panicking! But here is what I did with my cat Muezza (Her case was consuming a big seed), instead of being worried and wasting time.

So, what to do if your cat ate an earring? The first thing you must do is take your cat to the vet right away. If it takes some time, you can try pulling off the earring in the meantime. You may also use some medicine to treat your cat for the time being.

Well, you get to know here in detail what to do for this issue. But there are a few more things that you must know that I have done to my cat. Read along and get started now!

What to Do If My Cat Ate Earring?

I have seen cats having unusual eating habits. But if you see that your cat has eaten something inedible like an earring, you need to take action right away. Now, you may wonder, what to do if a cat eats an earring?

Well, I have covered a few things that you need to consider if your cat eats an earring. Take a look.

As soon as you understand that your cat has consumed an earring, you need to take it to the vet.

Do not wait for a single minute as a few seconds may cause much harm. Make sure you let the vet of your cat know about the incident in detail.

From my experience, I have seen that cats get better treatment with X-rays. Thus, you need to ensure that your cat undergoes an x-ray to know about it further with detailed analysis.

With an x-ray, the vet will get the track of the earring that your cat has eaten and can proceed accordingly.

If you think it takes a little bit longer to reach out to a vet at the moment, you may try it another way.

What you can do is try to pull off the earring out of its mouth. At times, objects that a cat or dog takes into their mouth stay in there.

Just to let you know, one day my cat, Muezza, had eaten a big seed. But when I tried to pull it off, it came off after a few attempts!

It’s because cats take some time to swallow the thing at times. Even if they start swallowing an object, it takes some time to go inside the stomach.

This mainly happens if the size of the object is significantly big. So, you can just try to pull off the earring by opening your cat’s mouth very wide.

While doing this, try to keep your cat upside down or at a bit slant.

In case you have got relevant medicine that can treat your cat with digestion, as in, Cisapride, use it. That means if you can ensure faster digestion, you must do it.

In brief, Cisapride is a drug used to increase motility in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Due to this, there is better digestion in cats.

So, this may help your cat to digest and absorb the earring. Due to this, it may be broken down into soluble substances which will later come off as waste.

However, you have to understand it is not possible for any size. That means if the earring is too small for the cat, this can be a solution that is not so effective though.

But an earring that is significant in size for the cat would not work in this way.

What Happens If My Cat Eats Earring?

In case your cat eats an earring, you need to treat it right away as stated above. Now, if you are late to treat your cat on time, there will be a few problems that your cat will encounter.

  • Your cat will start vomiting in a few hours which can increase over time.
  • The cat might have diarrhea in a few hours.
  • It will also cause constipation.
  • The cat might be having nausea and there will be a decrease in its energy.
  • You will see that your cat is refusing to eat anything.
  • The cat will have abdominal pain.
  • Your cat will have changes in its behavior like becoming aggressive without any reason.

Can My Cat Die From Eating Any Type of Metal Object?

If your cat eats any type of metal object, you may be panicking, which is expected. Now, this may make you wonder, can my cat die from eating metal objects?

Well, no. A cat does not die from eating any type of metal object in general. My very own cat, Muezza once ate a small piece of metal.

However, it is still alive with 2 years and 8 months and living fine. Note that I treated my cat right away for which there was no long-term effect.

But this leaves confusion here. That means a cat may die from eating metal objects if there is no treatment on time.

Thus, we all have to be very careful about treating our cat whenever it consumes anything irregular.


Here are a few relevant pieces of information that people frequently ask about. Take a look.

How to understand if something has blocked my cat’s intestine?

There will be some common symptoms if your cat has got its intestine blocked by something. Your cat will have abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. Moreover, your cat will have less energy to move, and so on.

What happens if the cat’s intestine is blocked?

If a cat’s intestine is blocked, there will be urinary complications over time. This is not a big issue if you can address and treat your cat on time. But failing to assess it can cause the cat to be sick and even call its death.

Can my cat pass an earring it has eaten?

Yes, a cat may pass an earring if it is extremely small. It takes about 10 hours to a day to pass an object. But as cats are not that big in size, it can be risky to not treat them if they consume something irregular.

The Final Words

Now you know what to do if your cat ate an earring! Make sure that you are not late to treat your cat just when you address this issue.

Here is a bonus tip before I wrap it up finally. Try to keep away things that are very small and have a chance your cat can consume them. Cats tend to lick and take things into their mouth when they find something interesting and this can harm them over time. I hope you take good care of your cat!

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