I Never Take My Cat To The Vet! Consequences Of This Action!




I Never Take My Cat To The Vet!


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My pet cat, Muezza, is playful and energetic. But for the first 2 months, I used to tell people that I never take my cat to the vet. I thought it was not a mandatory task. But I have done it wrong after I know the consequences of this mistake.

Vaccination is important for cats as it can prevent many infectious diseases. Without going to the vet, you can not vaccinate your cat. Also, she could develop dental diseases, obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases as well. If it gets affected by a parasite or FIV, then it could be life-threatening for her.

In this article, you get detailed information about the consequences. You should know the importance of a vet for indoor pets, which is also given below. Stay with this article to know more!

Why Should You Take Your Cat To The Vet?

Whatever animal you keep at home, you should go to the vet. They are not always in good health, though they appear so. They may be in pain or a disease condition, but only the vet can find that out. Some important reasons why you should take your cat to the vet are given below:

For the Prevention Of Disease

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. If you take your pet cat for a regular check-up, it will be beneficial. A timely check-up can prevent many unwanted diseases.

The vet suggests proper diet charts and medicines and sometimes changes diet plans on their growth. So, it is important to communicate with the vet and follow the given suggestions for better health.

For Diagnosis Of Disease

Severe disease doesn’t always have to come with signs and symptoms. Many disease conditions make the indoor cat less playful or energetic.

You can also find them performing many unusual performances. They can not tell you the problems that they are suffering from.

In this situation, the perfect place for diagnosis is a reliable vet. If you are previously familiar then it will be easy for you to reach the vet. Also, your cat can be comfortable diagnosing with a known face.

A vet can easily diagnose cats’ pain by their facial expression. Also, they can find out the disease condition by its movement and with some physical tests. Sometimes, if the vet suspects any serious disease, they biochemically test them. So, you should take your cat to the vet in a timely manner.

For Treatment Of Disease

In a regular check-up, the doctor can treat the ill cat. Sometimes surgery or medication may be needed. The vet does these duties if needed. You can not trust any site on the web only based on signs and symptoms. Without proper diagnosis, it will be a bad decision to give them medicine from the web world.

Never give any medicine to the pet cat without a professional vet’s opinion. It could be life-threatening for the little animal.  The drug, dose, and timing of the drug should be given according to the prescription of the veterinarian.

For Vaccination

Vaccination is important for indoor cats. Vaccines for Rabies, cat flu, and feline virus are common. Also, It is important to give vaccines for different diseases depending on the geographic area. You can get a proper idea of the vaccine and its schedule from a vet.

What Health Issues Can Arise If You Do Not Take Your Cat To The Vet?

Muezza, my pet cat, has visited the vet multiple times. I took her to the vet for the first time at the age of 2 months. That’s because I never found her ill-looking before.

But not visiting the vet with her for a regular check-up was my biggest fault. Fortunately, my mistake did not harm this little member of our family.

But now I have realized that the mistake could be life-threatening for her. However, I have got a lot of information about this topic. The health hazards of not going to the vet are described below:

Dental Diseases

Indoor cats are prone to dental diseases. If you miss one check-up schedule, dental problems can arise within that time gap. No matter how healthy a diet chart you follow, they can face dental caries. This condition can lead to many other mouth problems.

For example, it can lead to swallowing of the gum or oral discomfort. Sometimes, these conditions lead to tooth loss. Or the veterinarian must extract infected teeth to stop spreading infection.

Weight-Related Problems

Indoor cats can gain weight. They get sufficient food and perform fewer activities. Though they get enough playtime, that can be insufficient to cut extra calories from their bodies. Weight gain causes many other diseases like diabetes and heart problems.

A vet can explain the consequences better. Also, you can get a proper dietary chart from the vet. Following the chart will help your cat not to gain weight. Also, a vet can tell properly how many hours your cat should play or exercise.

Parasite Attack

Cats can be attacked by many parasites, such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. These worms can put your cat in difficult situations. You will find symptoms like vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea, or bloody feces.

Many other worms can attack your cat and show no signs or symptoms. Only a well-qualified vegetarian can detect the problem and treat it efficiently.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Attack

This is a rare case but highly hazardous for your cat. If your cat is infected by this virus, it can affect the other cats. Mainly, the virus is transmitted by wounds, bites, or scratches.

The symptoms are common. Inflammation, swelling,  sneezing, and prolonged diarrhea can be seen.  The rate of survival due to FIV is less in cats.

I am lucky that my Muezza has not faced any of these severe problems. But if it was faced then I wouldn’t be able to diagnose the disease. Because I haven’t taken her to the vet at least once.

What Are The Reasons Behind People Not Taking Their Cat To The Vet?

Some common and silly thoughts are responsible for this situation that people try to avoid visiting a vet for their cats or other pets. See below how they can be a wrong decision.

Well Appearance

Animals can not express their pain or discomfort. Also, they can cover their pain. So, by their activities, you may not find that your pet is ill. People thought a healthy cat meant a good appearance and performing regular activities.

But that is not right all the time. From this point of view, people are reluctant to take them to the vet.

Looking For Treatment on the Internet

People always find shortcuts ways. Not only for cats but even people for themselves now find treatment on the Internet. But that is not the right way to deal with diseases. You may get puzzled by the wrong information and make the wrong decision. A wrong medicine will put your feline friend’s life at risk.

Fear Of Cutting Excess Bucks

People think that a check-up costs a lot. But it differs in many ways. A regular check-up costs less. If it needs minor surgery or vaccination then you have to pay a little bit. In the case of major and critical surgeries, it can be expensive. But sometimes, clinics offer huge discounts on request.

Nothing is a better option for your cat than going to the vet. Always try to go to a well-known and experienced Veteran.


These are some commonly asked questions by people about cats related to the vet.

How Often Should I Take My Cat To The Vet?

You should take your adult cat to the vet at least once a year if it doesn’t get ill by this time. It will be better if you attend the check-up twice a year. But for the kittens, the rate should be increased as they are prone to diseases.

Can cats live without going to the vet?

Indoor cats can live without going to the vet but their longevity will decrease. They will surely face difficulties if you do not take them to the vet. Proper medication is necessary to increase its lifespan.

Why do cats cry when going to the vet?

Cats cry when going to the vet because they feel scared or stressed in the transport. Or they can be uncomfortable with a new place or with new people.


Visiting the vet is important for your cat’s health. It is important not to follow the mindset of “I Never Take My Cat To The Vet.” Many subtle but important things get hidden from our eyes. But a vet can catch the minor points. Your cat may be suffering from gum pain. But as an ordinary pet owner, you can not find this.

On the other hand, a vet can easily identify the problem by their facial expression. A regular check-up can remove diseases, improve their health, and make them cheerful. So, practice going to the vet in their ill conditions and scheduled check-ups.

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